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 Saving Fossil Fuels, The Environment and Money

We have designed, built, and road-tested a retrofit system that achieves a 10% + fuel economy improvement for existing diesel engines. Our technology increases fuel efficiencies and performance, while reducing particulates, nitrous oxides (NOx), and hydrocarbons (HCs). It also improves engine torque and horsepower, improving drivability and overall productivity.

How Eco-Fueling Works

The Eco-Fueling Injection System (ECOIS) injects readily available, atomized E-85 into the intake air stream. The quicker burning ethanol allows for a more homogeneous burn of the diesel fuel, increasing available power, thereby reducing the amount of fuel needed per mile. More of the available energy is utilized with each combustion cycle, leading to cleaner emissions and less waste heat.

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Full System installs on Frame Rail with diesel fuel tanks


Why Use Eco-Fueling?

Saving fuel and reducing emissions is good for your competitiveness and overall profit, and is ultimately good for us all. Whether you are an owner-operator or manage a nationwide fleet, we can help you to decrease your fuel bills and bolster your bottom line.

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